Sunday 25 July 2010

Camped again

Today we sent Charles off to Cub Scout Adventure Camp, a 4 day / 3 night camp at the local Boy Scout camp area. It will be his first camping experience without his own parents, with five other boys from the pack.

I drove out with Charles to help him set up. I had him start helping me with the tent but they had to go off for the swim test so I finished it up for him. Charles just did the “beginner” level, although he told me afterwards he should have tried for the next level up, because failing that just means getting a beginner rank. He had some problems because we forgot to pack his goggles which he normally wears. As a result his normal style of ducking his head every other stroke or so was not very successful, since he ended up stopping every third or fourth stroke to clear his eyes. I suggested he learn a style that didn’t involve head immersion but Charles didn’t see the point.

That was it for me, so I left Charles in the capable hands of the scout counselor who was in charge of their campsite. He promised he would do all he could to help Charles survive. I told him to not worry too much, as I had taken some pictures before I left, even though they were pictures in which Charles made funny faces, somehow not anticipating that I would actually show them to anyone else, or even download them from the camera.

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