Saturday 31 July 2010

Beach arrival

We got up lazily this morning at the hotel and then headed for the beach. We stopped for lunch at a Mongolian grill which was a bit lacking in decore but had some excellent food. I whipped up a couple of excellent bowls. Even Alice said “this meat is delicious”, not that she ate much of it. Charles kind of poked at his food but he’s never been a fan of that style. Alice had spent yesterday and today complaining that we hadn’t gone to McDonalds because there’s some toy there she wants. Mom was against it because Alice doesn’t even eat the food, which Alice admitted (Alice later became so desperate that she said she would eat the food if she got the toy). She had to be dragged crying in to the restaurant so her enjoying the meal was a big plus.

We arrived at the beach right on schedule and headed out to our rented condominium. It was nice, but was completely unstocked in the way of sundries, such as paper towels, salt, soap, etc. On the other hand, the view from the balcony is spectacular.

Mom ran out to the closed food store but it was packed solid with other vacationers all arriving today, plus the food store apparently schedules its restocking for the same evening. Charles had gone with her to get beach toys, primarily digging equipment. He wasn’t happy about the extended amount of time taken, but on the other hand he scored some sand building supplies.

We hit the beach for a while, the kids enjoying the waves and the sand. One nice thing about the rental is that it’s right on the beach so we can pop down and back in just a few minutes so we don’t have to commit to a long beach day or not. Mom, Charles, and Alice popped down in the evening for some night fun on the beach with flashlights. I was surprised at how many other people where doing the same — there were lights all up and down the beach.

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The thing to do is go down to the beach at night w/ the flashlights to look for crabs! Sometimes we see tourists catching them, even — though I think it’s a “catch and release” kind of thing.

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