Tuesday 01 June 2010

Winny boy

Charles had a good time at Cub Scouts tonight. He won a sleeping bag as a prize for getting his candy bar money in early. They do a drawing every so often (week, I think) and you are in the drawing if you’ve turned in your money. Charles thought it was quite nice to get a new sleeping bag.

A few months back they made all the kids draw patches for a contest. Charles’ patch design won the contest and will be used as the official patch for the local council Day Camp. This means he also gets a free week at camp this summer. Charles had originally not wanted to go to camp. I had decided to make him go to Parent & Pal as we did last summer but our family vacation conflicted and no one else in the troop was going so I let it slide. But for some reason Charles is OK with going to camp, because it’s free, even though he didn’t have to pay for it in the first place.

But having his own patch is cool.

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Congratulations to Charles on patch honor.

Posted by: Grandma on 04 June 2010 at 22:40

We got that patch! Bix will be amazed to know that someone he knew drew it. I did not even see Charles at camp…but then again, I wasn’t looking for him.

Posted by: Karyla on 25 June 2010 at 11:41
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