Sunday 20 June 2010

Under the weather

We got a call from Corwin down south that the scouts had some weather problems and would be back at two on Sunday. I figured fine, I would drop by in the afternoon to pick him up. What Corwin neglected to clarify is that he meant “two AM” — we got a call and Mom popped out to get him at 2 this morning.

What we learned later is the day started well for them, but a massive thunderstorm hit and when they got back to camp most of the tents were smashed flat and most of their gear soaked. The crew decided to call it a day and head back that evening leading to the early morning return.

Corwin, needless to say, was rather bummed out by the experience, although he admitted it was a fun day before the rain. I think the lesson is to not leave things scattered around inside your tent when there’s a possibility of heavy rain.

We also found out that Corwin and many of the other boys had not had lunch or dinner. We had provided Corwin with money to purchase such things but, he said, he hadn’t been hungry. It doesn’t take much imagination to guess a reason for that. I think junk food gorging should count as “fun” for the trip to weigh against the weather.

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