Wednesday 09 June 2010

Rediscovering the magic

The boys have rediscovered the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. I had tried playing it with the boys a few years back but it didn’t really catch on. However, Matt showed up one day with a deck to show Charles and so I brought out my small collection of decks to play against that. Corwin still had his Little Bashers deck (second edition, as he lost the first one somewhere) which he has upgraded a bit.

The best part was being able to bring two of my older decks, “Turbo-Timmy” and “The Annoying Deck”1. Both of those have been playing well for me, after all the tuning I did back in the day. Certainly not the strongest possible decks but decent and frequently very annoying. Corwin now generally refuses to play against either one, but definitely not against The Annoying Deck. On the other hand, Corwin did play through until I decked2 him with it, which I hadn’t ever done before (opponents caught by it would always resign first). Now, though, I will probably have to build a couple of new decks or they won’t play with me.

1 It’s a Blue-White permission deck with lots of general destruction and anti-speed cards. It takes a bit to get running but once in place it’s extremely difficult for an opponent to actually do anything. Then you just play until your opponent runs out of cards to draw, because this deck has several recycling cards to keep it going almost forever.

2 Losing because you have no more cards to draw.

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