Friday 25 June 2010

Pre-GARLO practice

Spitfire on a G54-S

I went out to the company picnic launch to fly a few rockets and had lots of bad luck and mistakes. I ended up breaking two rocket motors without even flying the target rocket and I had to use three different igniters to get this one in the air (for my only flight of the evening). I managed to sit on some wet ground so I could work on the rocket with a wet butt and then soaked my shoes retrieving it. At least it landed on the grass and not on the runway.

I managed to finish three not yet flown rockets (I hesitate to call them “new” since all of them were started at least a year ago, and one three years ago). Corwin has his rocket (an Aerotech Strong Arm plus another small 13mm kit he built last fall.

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