Sunday 06 June 2010

Neighbor pond

Today as the annual neighborhood picnic at the pond. It was originally scheduled for yesterday but it rained on and off all day leading to a postponement until today.

The turnout was somewhat down from previous years, probably because of the last minute date change. Initially the only children were our crew along with Mara and her older sister. More children showed up later and we ended up with a decent crop of younglings.

The beach had been a bit thin but a couple of days ago the annual load of sand had been dumped so the kids had a 5 foot high mound of sand on which they could play. Not only that, but it was a goal to spread the sand around so there were no complaints about making a mess of the pile.

Other than that, it was a standard picnic with good hamburgers and hot dogs. The kids had a good time, although Corwin wimped out and went home early.

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