Saturday 05 June 2010

Manual drive

We have been having problems with our electric lawnmower for a while. The battery life seems to be getting ever shorter. It is just not going to be cost effective to have to buy 2 or more new batteries every season. Mom’s response was to get a manual lawnmower and that’s what we (by which I mean mainly Corwin) will be using this season.

It works reasonably well but it does very poorly on tall grass. If the grass is long enough, it gets bent down under the front guard and doesn’t pop up under the blades and is left untouched. This simply means that the boys will have to work on the lawn more frequently so it doesn’t get overly tall. We can still use the electric one for spot application on tall grass (or send the kids out with scissors).

Mom has gotten two kinds of interesting reactions from the neighbors. The first is the “go green, yay!” sort of reaction, when they realize what an earth goddess gaia worshipping person she is. The other is sympathy for our dire financial state, so bad that we can’t even afford gasoline to run a powered lawnmower. She has received offers to borrow a powered lawnmower. Our solution has been, as noted, to make Corwin work on the lawn. Somehow no neighborly sympathy is generated for him.

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