Monday 28 June 2010

GARLO 2010

Corwin and I woke up late for GARLO on Saturday so we had to pack hastily despite my preparations. Still we managed to get loaded up and out to the field before the official start.

I should have known it wasn’t going to be a good day because of how poorly things went at the launch the previous night, messing up motors and not getting motors to ignite. But in the usual triumph of inertia over experience we headed out.

Basically, it was just a wrong day. Nothing went right, except the orange Kool Aid we mixed up was very tasty. Corwin couldn’t get a motor in his rocket for unknown reasons, which he had to overcome with a lot of sanding on sight. I had hoped to get a flight in first thing but I had problems with my motors and helping Corwin and didn’t manage to get anything ready until an hour in to the day. Corwin’s rocket, that he had started a year ago, failed to deploy and ended up smashed. We’re not sure what went wrong but it likely was too much wadding. Naturally, because of various distractions including ignition failures, I didn’t manage to get any pictures. Corwin had brought a camera as well but also didn’t take any shots.

While we had a few good flights with Corwin flying some of my older rockets. I managed to lose two of my rockets, including one of my favorites. I tried a smaller motor on it which turned out to be under powered. It landed near the edge of the field. I thought it was OK but it drifted in to traffic and was smashed by passing cars. Another rocket that I had finished after a few years for this launch had a deployment failure as well and was totaled. I, and several others, had to spend 10 minutes or so digging the nose cone out of the ground. After all all the other problems that was it for the two of us. Mom came by and took Corwin away while I packed up for the day and was grumpy for the rest of the weekend.

Last flight of the Xenographic

One of Corwin’s successful flights

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