Wednesday 30 June 2010

Chickens' Progress

The chickens have a cage without a bottom so that they can get at the grass in the yard. This is nice for the chickens but they not so gradually mess up the grass. For this reason Mom has to move the cage every few days. This leads to a fading trail of dead grass behind the cage, kind of like a comet trail except in brown, yellow, and green. I expect it’s part of the whole “chicken experience” that Mom has been looking for.\

One of Mom’s plans for the chickens has come to fruition. The chickens are even better than Polynomial at eating scraps. Or perhaps it’s just that she’s more willing to provide scraps to animals which aren’t permitted to drag it back in to the house or yarf them up on the rug later. The chickens continue to get bigger but not enough to start laying eggs yet.

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