Friday 11 June 2010

Chicken times

The chickens are getting big. They look like chickens now, not chicks or half plucked. They are still not really distinctive enough to tell apart except for one that’s more lightly colored. The chickens are going through a lot more food as well. Mom’s starting to use them as an alternative compost pile because they’ll eat just about anything. The chickens are also no longer running away but now associate people with food and crowd around the edge of the coop if someone comes by. This actually makes things more difficult because the chickens will crowd the door so much that one has to be careful lest they escape in their eagerness for food.

Corwin likes the chickens and he sometimes tries to hug them. They respond to this by scratching and pooping. Corwin was moved to comment “gosh the chickens have sharp claws!”. I was just happy that some learning was going on, perhaps I should try the “draw blood to increase attention span” technique myself. It is funny to see Corwin run inside to wash the chicken poop off his hand. He commented about how disgusting it was. I noted that it would be even worse when he became so accustomed to it that he no longer worried about it.

Alice, meanwhile, has learned that chickens have sharp beaks and will peck at anything.

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