Friday 04 June 2010

Bottle boating

A while back Charles got a kit to make a boat out of two 1-liter plastic bottles. The kit uses them as two pontoons with a air fan between them for propulsion. Charles was very excited about it when he bought it but it had languished, unopened, for quite a while. But this week Mom made him put it together, having been forced to purchase two bottles of soda for the family in order to have bottles we could “recycle” for the boat.

After all of this, we finally made it down to the pond with the boat. Charles put it in the water and turned on the fan. It definitely moved, although with a very pronounced curve. We fiddled with it a bit and succeeded in making it go a bit straighter. After about 60 seconds of intense fun, Charles moved on to general swimming. Still, the boat made it home without being broken so we’ve got that going for us.

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