Saturday 08 May 2010

Soccer report II

Corwin had a coed game today in the afternoon. Unfortunately there was a lot of turnout (I think they had over 20 kids) so Corwin didn’t get much field time. During his brief time in play he did reasonably well. He, as usual, started a bit slow but picked up the pace and actually ran after the ball multiple times. Corwin had some good boots but found the one on ones challenging. He did OK although he could do a bit better on pursuit. Overall though, I think he did well.

The game itself was a tough contest. I am told that the two teams played earlier this year and Corwin’s team was crushed (this was while he was camping). The game was well played on both sides and Corwin’s team had lots of alternate players available (at least once they replaced all but one player on the team in a single substition). The first half was close, although the opposition had a long run of field dominance which eventually yielded a score late in the first half. They scored again just a minute or two later and I thought it was giong to turn in to a rout. But Corwin’s team roared back and scored shortly after that on a very nice drive. All three goals were scored in a less than 3 minute period. Corwin’s team had a surge of energy from this until late in the second half at which point the opposition pushed them back on to mostly defense. Both teams had some very close calls that didn’t quite score until the opponents scored just a minute before the end of the game for a final score of 1-3.

The opposing goalie had a very good kick. She would regularly drop kick out to the midline and the ball would go 30 feet in the air, almost as high as it went far. It was impressive.

There were a number of rallies where the ball would just go back and forth between the midfields on kicks. Both teams had a number of players with long and accurate kicks so the midfield defenses were pretty stiff. Corwin’s team was doing more passing and having some success with it. I suppose the fact that they kept it close until the end rather than being routed like last time shows the improvement.

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