Saturday 08 May 2010

Soccer Report I

Charles had a soccer game this morning, his last of this season. It was the coldest morning of the entire season with 20-30 mph winds on top of that. It was 46° when I woke up, it made it up to 50° by the time we left the game.

Despite this 10 of the team showed up so they had an alternate. The other team was the team with Josie and Mason on it. Charles’ team played them early in the season and routed them. Charles was up for this game because, since they beat the previous team both games, winning this gamew would leave them with the best record for their age group. Based on this I thought it would be another romp.

But the opponents played hard. It was an exciting, close right up to the end. The field is sloped and with the very strong wind it made for a big advantage for one team. Charles’ team had the wind and gravity on their side for the first half. Although they were still doing well on coordinated attacks, ironically they scored twice on solo attacks. The environment conditions were a big help with that and field dominance. The other other team simply couldn’t make big kicks back because the wind would catch the ball. I could see it just basically stop in mid air and drop.

After half time the field was switched and the opponents did much better on field control. Still, Charles’ team got more time on the opponent’s side that half than the reverse case the previous half. The opponents maintained a tough defense which withstood those attacks fairly well. I think there was only one or two close calls during the second half, a big contrast with the first. On the other hand, Charles’ team’s goalie was under rather frequent attack. The defense stepped up to the task but eventually one shot got through (another solo run) late in the fourth quarter. This energized both teams (Charles’ to keep their lead, the opponents because now they were within striking distance) resulting in much more back and forth despite the kids being tired. One close call was almost another score from a defender on Charles team trying to kick the ball out of the danger zone but (as he had done in a previous game) he turned and kicked across the goal to the other side and bounced it off the post. A few inches the other way and it would have been an own goal.

Charles played the entire game, alternating between defense and midfield. He had several good runs and did very well on passing at the right tactical moment. He was a big help on the final quarter defense, getting a couple of saves that would otherwise been very likely scores. Quite a good game for him.

Josie had a really great game. He played like the Charles of last season, all over the field, being there for many key plays.

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