Saturday 15 May 2010

Soccer Report

Corwin had two soccer games today. Originally he was scheduled for one in the morning but the coach got an opportunity for two games in a tournament and the coach opted for that, cancelling the original game (because even he didn’t think the players and parents would go for a triple header). The tournament involved a higher level of play with teams that compete in a league rather than just park district teams.

Both games were hard fought although the first one went better. Unfortunately they didn’t score in either game to end up 0-2 and 0-3. I think the biggest difference was the the opposing goalies were both very good. The team had a good number of shots at the goal, many well kicked, but the goalies just stoppped everything. Now and then the goalie would have to use just one hand to block but mostly they would catch even very fast kicks that were off to the side.

Field control was a challenge. The other teams definitely did better but Corwin’s team made them work for it. The team also managed to execute on a number of plays they had been working on at practice but they weren’t able to convert. On the other hand, at least a couple of scores were due to clear errors on defense, primarily not covering the far side of the goal during a corner kick.

The referees seemed a bit harsh on the team, with a couple of tripping calls that didn’t seem reasonable to me. That, however, didn’t really make a difference overall.

Another thing I noticed was that both teams did well at breaking up midfield clears. They would frequently get in the way of kicks from midfield so that the ball wouldn’t cross the midline. This was a big help with field control obviously and something Corwin’s team needs to improve.

Overall this is a good showing consider they were (literally) playing out of their league.

Corwin had one big mistake and a number of good clears. He does need to be more persistent when attackers get past him. He tends to fall off rather than pursuing to the bitter end.

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