Saturday 01 May 2010

Soccer report

Corwin had two soccer games today. The first was a local one and the second away in a nearby town.

The first game was a good one. The other team was playing short but still managed a 1-1 tie with a lot of good play. One thing I noticed is that they did a good job of picking the ball away from Corwin’s team. I think the defense on both teams did great jobs with the offenses possibly a bit lacking. Both goalies made some excellent saves. Corwin’s team did overall somewhat better with field control but definitely not in a dominating way. I did get to see a triple header which was cool. The referee was a bit under the weather. He said that it was his son’s 21st birthday and he had been helping celebrate. The only obvious miss was not calling a hand ball when a player shaking his hand to work off the sting from the impact. The team did manage to pull some nice offsides traps on the other team.

The second game was on a noticeably smaller field. Corwin’s coach wanted to cut back to 9 vs. 9 but the other coach insisted on 11 vs. 11. That made for a very crowded field. It had a definite negative impact on passing as there were so many people that it was unusual to have a clear path for a pass. There was a lot of kicks from ¼ field to the other ¼ quarter field. It made it hard for strategy since basically most of the time any player could put the ball on the other side. For instance the kids couldn’t do the long boot and race for the ball because it wasn’t possibly to boot it down field somewhere that wasn’t close to an opponent.

On the other hand Corwin was markedly more active in the game and I see it make a difference in how many plays in which he played a part.

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