Thursday 06 May 2010

Phone, home

The big news this week is that Mom got a new phone. It’s an Incredible, an Android based smart phone which was released on her birthday. It took her a couple of days to actually order it because the website was so busy and Mom was too busy to get to a physical store.

The order said it would arrive in a couple of weeks but last Tuesday, there it was. As the FedEx guy handed over the package, it went like this —

Mom: But it wasn’t supposed to be here for another two weeks!

Dad: Don’t say that in front of him [point at FedEx guy]

FedEx Guy: OK, I need to take it back then.

Mom: NO!

Mom got it charged up and tried to get it set up but because she had officially upgraded Corwin’s phone (his being up for a contract renewal) she tried to switch the numbers but didn’t remember Corwin’s. She ended up having to go over to the physical store to get everything working. Now she’s very happy with her new best friend, although I still talk to her occasionally.

I think her biggest problem is going to be the kids as she showed them how to play games on it. Corwin likes that but Alice really likes it and she’s harder to say “no” to.

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