Sunday 02 May 2010

Mom has a day out

Mom spent Saturday morning running a half marathon. She had done some training, although this consisted of doing some treadmill work and running 8 miles once, before she “tapered off” in preparation for the actual run. She had to leave the house early to catch the 7:30 start. I tried to get out to see her run by becaues the race course went through the park next to the house but I had to head back before she went by to make Corwin’s soccer game. Therefore I have no pictures of her in the race.

I mentioned this at the game and the other soccer parents commented that I had no evidence that Mom was actually running anything and not luxurating with a blanket and some margaritas. She was going to get home before we did and if she claimed to have showered, how would I know otherwise?

Mom, however, had considered this and cleverly avoided showering so we would know, beyond any doubt, that she had engaged in some serious exercise. We had no choice but to believe her claim to have finished the 13+ miles, with the last two being particularly difficult. Mom is always thinking ahead. Her one real complaint was that a number of people who were walking the race took starting positions near the front so that everyone had to pass them on a narrow course.

I ran in to Erica’s brother in the park at the turn off to our neighborhood. He was watching for their father to run by, who was also doing a half marathon (which he claimed to have finished in a later email).

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