Wednesday 05 May 2010

Midweek Soccer

Charles had a game scheduled for last Saturday but too many players had scheduled conflicts so it was rescheduled for Wednesday. It was with the same team they played last Wednesday. The opponents were looking for some payback.

It was a very nice day, a few clouds and a bit cool. It didn’t start out well with the opponents scoring within the first few minutes. Charles’ team rallied back a score later in the quarter and managed to score twice more before the half. Charles’ team was definitely playing better. Everyone was in good form, even Charles was more active. They did a much better job of keeping the offense offensive and supporting the attacks. One of the points was on a run but the other two were the result of team work where the first shot missed but the team had other attacker near by to follow up for the score. Charles played defense and had some very good saves and one on ones. Over all the play was very good and both sides had a number of close calls on scores.

However, I did think the other team seemed a bit off. They definitely were not supporting attacks as well as Charles’ team. One of Charles’ team kicked the opposing goalie in the head in the second quarter, although he seemed to shake it off. The goalie dove for the ball and the attacker followed through on the kick. No penalty was called.

There was a lot of unprovoked slipping and tripping. A couple of kids literally stepped on the ball while executing a charge which brought that attack to an end. Quite a number of other kids simply fell over while trying to make a turn and apparently losing traction. The field didn’t seem that slick to me, or that wet, but it happened a good number of times.

By the end of the third quarter Charles’ team had acquired field dominance and score 3 more goals with the opponents getting another score late in the fourth quarter for a 6-2 victory. I thought the coach should have shuffled the team and taken out the two primary attackers so as to not run up the score. Charles only got to play 2 quarters although some players were in the entire game which indicated that some more substitutions would have been preferred.

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