Saturday 22 May 2010

Last Soccer Report of the Season

Today was Corwin’s last soccer game of the season. It did not go particularly well, with a 1-3 loss. The only score was a penalty shot, and one of the other goals was an own goal.

Things started reasonably well with some struggling for field control. It was a sign of things to come that there was an opponent score just a few minutes in to the game. It wasn’t a particularly good score, more of a long range shot from outside that just rolled through the defense. I think the goalie was off position at the near side and the attacker put it in on the far side.

Despite this, the struggle for field control went on, both teams having their periods of control but neither really dominating. The team seemed off, Corwin had a couple of big whiffs where he swung his leg at the ball and just missed. The team fired a number of good shots at the goal but couldn’t finish them off. The opponents scored again with a very nice play, a cross pass across the goal and then in on the undefended side.

The team was fading in the second quarter but came back strongly after half time but still couldn’t quite put the ball in the goal despite several more close shots. They definitely weren’t passing as well as they had the previous week, although one thing I noticed was that there were a lot more long runs and kicks. The tournament teams did a much better job (and Corwin’s team did better in response) in blocking kicks and runs so that nothing moved downfield without passing.

Corwin’s team scored on a penalty kick (one of two — the second was blocked by the goalie). The other team had another weak attack the missed only because it rolled in to the post. It would have been quite an embarrassing score. But not quite as embarrassing as a few minutes later the goalie was pulled out of the goal to try and stop an attack which managed to do a slow kick past him. No one was near the ball. One of the defenders (one of the better players) managed to get to it first to kick it clear but instead kicked it in to the goal for an own goal. Not one of the team’s better moments.

Oh well, the season’s over and they’ll be the big boys next year because it’s a 7th and 8th grade league and all but two of them are in 7th. I must get Corwin to start running, though, with some reasonable amount of speed. And maybe glasses so he doesn’t miss kicks quite so much.

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