Monday 24 May 2010

Lack of containment

We have spent the last few weeks enduring Alice’s loss of bodily control. She started out by falling asleep and peeing on my nice couch. That was about 3 weeks ago. Alice also started having “accidents” on the way to the potty. How she could hold it for hours and then fail in the 10 seconds it took to go from the media room to the bathroom escaped us. This would happen 2 or 3 times a week, a couple of times twice in one evening. Naturally this was accompanied by overnight containment failures and another incident on the couch (which was particularly upsetting because Alice just went off to change without letting me know her urine was soaking in to the couch — it was only because I wandered out for a drink that I noticed).

Let me be clear that these failures aren’t minor ones — I can personally verify that a full bladder was required. Moreover, there have been no incidents outside the house (although I lived in fear during the dance rehearsal and first performance, expecting to relive that movie moment). Fortunately we seemed to have gotten over it in the last few days. I think our habit of now telling Alice to go potty when we think it’s been too long has helped. She always claims “I don’t have any pee in me!” but that’s almost always turned out to be a severe volume misestimation.

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Still not good news on this front. Last week Alice wet her bed three times, to the point where we congratulate her in the morning if she’s still dry. Early on (months ago) she would wake us up in the middle of the night as a result of a containment failure. We thought that was bad but now she just sleeps through it which, frankly, is worse. At least it’s probably doing wonders for her skin at a bargain price. It’s not limited to her own bed — I still remember picking her up out of our bed and discover she’d let loose. Another time I roused her and sat down before realizing the bed was inappropriately wet.

The worst part really is Alice’s insouciant attitude. Having her come in to my office, dripping, and saying in a perky voice “Daddy I peed on the floor!” is a real downer. For me.

On a side note, Alice inherited Mom’s sweat genetics so it’s hard to tell whether Alice has had a containment failure or is just extra sweaty.

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