Tuesday 04 May 2010

Just teasing

Mom is starting to the pressure to get the chicken coop done as the chicks are rapidly maturing (Mom says they’re already in the “awkward teenage phase”). The feathers are coming in strong so the heat lamp is becoming less critical. We have had to start keeping the front gate closed now. Before the chicks couldn’t get over it even while open but they can now, with wing assist, jump up on it. They have been reluctant to walk down from there but it’s too risky to trust to that.

In preparation for this Mom took one of the chicks outside. The chick did not much appreciate it, mostly refusing to dismount from Mom’s hand. I think they’re just lulling her in to a false sense of security to use when they’ve got enough wing to survive outside on their own.

Mom is also wanting to move them out so she can set up a feed dispenser which will prevent the chicks from pooping in their food. The kids asked why the chicks would do that and we got to explain the origin of the term “bird brain”.

Mom tried the outdoors again today with two chickens and Corwin as an assistant. The chickens seemed to enjoy it more, possibly because now that they have a smattering of feathers it didn’t seem as cold. But there’s to be no free ranging for Mom’s chickens, they’re all to live in the chicken coop. I don’t know how Mom expects our local fantastic Mr. Fox to eat.

On the other hand, one of the chicks pooped on Corwin, so it wasn’t a total loss. Fortunately Mom had noted to Corwin before this happened that laying down, putting a chick on your chest so that its hind quarters are above your face is not the best plan for avian interaction.

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