Monday 31 May 2010

Gratuitous Picture of the Day

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Sunday 30 May 2010

Buggy success

Corwin has been enjoying the end of school year home work pile up. One of his projects was to build an edible model of an insect. I don’t know if he picked but he ended up with doing a lady bug. For once he was ambitious and decided to make it out of two short cakes, one for the body and the other (split) for the wings. He and Mom worked on it quite a bit Sunday with Corwin actually doing most of the work. It turned out quite well I thought. It was a bit tricky to transport in to school in one piece but Corwin ended up with an A+ for the project. I didn’t manage to get a picture as it left early in the morning after baking and did not return home in one piece.

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Local wildlife

Alice and I were walking around the house a few days ago when Alice spotted a baby bird laying the grass. It didn’t look injured but did look old enough to possibly able to fly. I suspect it was the first time out of the nest. We had to keep Poly and Alice inside for a while to prevent them from playing with it, but an hour or so later when I looked for it, it was gone. Either it hid in the bushes or had rested up enough to be able to make it back to the nest.

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Saturday 29 May 2010

At a loss

We have no scheduled activities today! What will we do with ourselves all day?

There’s always the pond …

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Friday 28 May 2010

Making the big sacrifice

Yesterday was the annual “Fun Carnival” for the primary school. I had not attended in a couple of years so I figured I would drop by for a few pictures of Charles and Alice. Unfortunately they were a bit short on parents and I was drafted to help with the washer pitch event. This consisted of a couple of tubs with a spindle on to which the kids would try to throw the washer. It kept me much busier than I anticipated so had a difficult time getting pictures. Alice and Charles dropped by just once each. I had even brought my new video gadget but didn’t get any good footage. Just so some school kids could have fun!

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Thursday 27 May 2010

Gratuitous Picture of the Day

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Wednesday 26 May 2010


One of Mom and my little vices is semi-fancy cheese (such as aged gouda). Unfortunately, in a fit of “it’ll never work” thought I got Charles to try a new type I was experimenting with, dry monterray jack. I expected he would reject it and then he would stop bugging me when I was having some. Charles, however, thought it was wonderful and has since been eating not only that type of cheese but all of our other fancy cheese1. Now I have to sneak it out during the day but even that will soon be denied to me once school is out.

1 Although the dry monterray jack is clearly his favorite.

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Tuesday 25 May 2010

Hostile subjects

Corwin’s Boy Scout troop went off for a week-end adventure last weekend, which Corwin didn’t attend because he’s not quite high enough rank (and he had a soccer game and birthday party). Corwin is the troop webmaster and so he’s responsible for writing posts about troop activities. I thought it would be interesting to send him out with my new video toy to get some interviews but it was unsuccessful as the only two reactions he got were

  1. physical attacks
  2. running away

Nevertheless he did manage to write an entire long paragraph about the trip.

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Monday 24 May 2010

Lack of containment

We have spent the last few weeks enduring Alice’s loss of bodily control. She started out by falling asleep and peeing on my nice couch. That was about 3 weeks ago. Alice also started having “accidents” on the way to the potty. How she could hold it for hours and then fail in the 10 seconds it took to go from the media room to the bathroom escaped us. This would happen 2 or 3 times a week, a couple of times twice in one evening. Naturally this was accompanied by overnight containment failures and another incident on the couch (which was particularly upsetting because Alice just went off to change without letting me know her urine was soaking in to the couch — it was only because I wandered out for a drink that I noticed).

Let me be clear that these failures aren’t minor ones — I can personally verify that a full bladder was required. Moreover, there have been no incidents outside the house (although I lived in fear during the dance rehearsal and first performance, expecting to relive that movie moment). Fortunately we seemed to have gotten over it in the last few days. I think our habit of now telling Alice to go potty when we think it’s been too long has helped. She always claims “I don’t have any pee in me!” but that’s almost always turned out to be a severe volume misestimation.

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Sunday 23 May 2010

A dream fulfilled

We finally let Corwin buy an XBox360, although we made him do it with his own money (relatives, that’s where your birthday and Christmas money went).

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Alice’s first recital

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Saturday 22 May 2010

Last Soccer Report of the Season

Today was Corwin’s last soccer game of the season. It did not go particularly well, with a 1-3 loss. The only score was a penalty shot, and one of the other goals was an own goal.

Things started reasonably well with some struggling for field control. It was a sign of things to come that there was an opponent score just a few minutes in to the game. It wasn’t a particularly good score, more of a long range shot from outside that just rolled through the defense. I think the goalie was off position at the near side and the attacker put it in on the far side.

Despite this, the struggle for field control went on, both teams having their periods of control but neither really dominating. The team seemed off, Corwin had a couple of big whiffs where he swung his leg at the ball and just missed. The team fired a number of good shots at the goal but couldn’t finish them off. The opponents scored again with a very nice play, a cross pass across the goal and then in on the undefended side.

The team was fading in the second quarter but came back strongly after half time but still couldn’t quite put the ball in the goal despite several more close shots. They definitely weren’t passing as well as they had the previous week, although one thing I noticed was that there were a lot more long runs and kicks. The tournament teams did a much better job (and Corwin’s team did better in response) in blocking kicks and runs so that nothing moved downfield without passing.

Corwin’s team scored on a penalty kick (one of two — the second was blocked by the goalie). The other team had another weak attack the missed only because it rolled in to the post. It would have been quite an embarrassing score. But not quite as embarrassing as a few minutes later the goalie was pulled out of the goal to try and stop an attack which managed to do a slow kick past him. No one was near the ball. One of the defenders (one of the better players) managed to get to it first to kick it clear but instead kicked it in to the goal for an own goal. Not one of the team’s better moments.

Oh well, the season’s over and they’ll be the big boys next year because it’s a 7th and 8th grade league and all but two of them are in 7th. I must get Corwin to start running, though, with some reasonable amount of speed. And maybe glasses so he doesn’t miss kicks quite so much.

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Teenager is in the house!

Today was Corwin’s thirteenth birthday. Early in the morning he opened what few presents he gets these days — books, clothes, and an RC helicopter. He liked the helicopter. After that it was time for a soccer game, the last of the season. While we were there Mom, Alice, Charles, and Grandma headed off for Alice’s first recital, at which Charles also played. Corwin and I headed home after the game, got Corwin showered, then were off to Corwin’s birthday party which was at a laser tag facility. He had 7 of his friends show up, which was a good number. They played a couple of games of laser tag, had some pizza, burned up a bunch of quarters we gave them in the arcade, spent a long time picking out prizes for the tickets they won in the arcade, went out for some ice cream, then went back for a couple more games of laser tag. Charles and Mom showed up after the first game of laser tag. Grandma took Alice off for some bonding experience. Overall I think they had a good time.

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Friday 21 May 2010

Ready for married life

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Thursday 20 May 2010

Big night

Tonight was the first of two nights of Alice’s dance performance. Mom was scheduled for “volunteer” work therefore I was tasked with taking Alice and keeping track of her between numbers. Corwin and Charles we had planned to leave home because we have finally given up on forcing them to attend.

Charles had cello lessons right after school with Mom, who then rushed home so she could do Alice’s hair then rush off to be at the stage by 4:30. Around 4:15 Mom arrives in a frantic hurry and starts working on Alice. I am trying to get things together so that I can follow with Alice to get to the stage by 5:30. It is at this point that Corwin says “oh, by the way, I have a string orchestra concert tonight at 7:00”. I had the mistaken impression, based on comments during the event, that the previous concert had been his final performance for the school year. Not so, apparently. So we were a bit frantic.

As it ended up, I called Ema’s family because she was also in the string orchestra and I thought it would be suitable discincentive for Corwin to have to spend time with a girl as a result of his failure to keep us informed. Ema’s family was willing to put up with him. I had hoped to drop him off before going to the stage but we delayed. I had to drop Alice off, drive back to Ema’s house, then drive back to the stage. I also had to have inferno girl on my lap because we didn’t have a seat for Charles (as we had thought he would be at home). I had to leave for the third act to pick up Corwin and then drop him and Charles off at home, returning just in time to see the exit for Alice’s second number when I could take her back in to the audience to watch the rest of the show.

After the finale, I took Alice away while Mom finished up her tasks. Alice wasn’t happy that she didn’t get flowers after the performance. A few of the kids did, but Mom and I think it should wait for the final performance.

Alice did mostly well, although she definitely needs to pick up her acrobatics skills. She looked very cute in both her outfits and I had much fun changing her between acts. At least I didn’t have to work on her hair.

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Wednesday 19 May 2010


The kids have picked up the habit of cursing using the word “beep” as in

  • “what the beep is that?”
  • “oh my beep!”
  • and sometimes just “beep beep” or an actual beeping sound.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand it’s not really appropriate but on the other hand it’s better than actual cursing, which I have had to explicitly discourage.

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Tuesday 18 May 2010

Bearing the burden for the rest of us

[Discussing dinner choices]

Alice: I don’t want to eat chicken tenders!

Charles: You don’t want to eat chicken tenders? That’s wierd. You’re wierd.

Alice: Some of us have to be wierd. That’s just the way the world is.

This was rehearsal night for Alice and Mom was stuck there while the rest of us escaped. Corwin was left to go to Boy Scouts on his own, which he managed to do. I think we ended up going to Subway and the kids had cheese pizza (which is better than what Charles would rather have, a cheese sandwich).

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Monday 17 May 2010


This week is the big Alice dance week. She has a rehearsal on Tuesday and then performances on Thursday and Friday. Normally I get tagged with the parental help requirement but somehow (because I have been living right) Mom was tagged for the two nights of helping (rehearsal and Thursday).

Sadly, I have to help a bit because Alice isn’t old enough yet to be left on her own and Mom will be busy. I will be running Alice through rehearsal and on Thursday. However, Grandma will be around to watch one of the night so she’ll get stuck be able to spend time with Alice.

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Sunday 16 May 2010

Moving out

The chickens are now being kept outside continuously. Their first night out was on Sunday which was a bit cold but the chickens went up in to their roost on their own so Mom decided to let them stay. It’s continued to be unseasonably cool but not below 50° and the chickens seem to be OK although they’re eating quite a bit more food. They have all their feathers now and seem to just be getting bigger. They definitely look like chickens rather than chicks.

Mom does have to move the coop every few days as the chickens mess up the grass through pecking it and pooping on it.

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Saturday 15 May 2010

Soccer Report

Corwin had two soccer games today. Originally he was scheduled for one in the morning but the coach got an opportunity for two games in a tournament and the coach opted for that, cancelling the original game (because even he didn’t think the players and parents would go for a triple header). The tournament involved a higher level of play with teams that compete in a league rather than just park district teams.

Both games were hard fought although the first one went better. Unfortunately they didn’t score in either game to end up 0-2 and 0-3. I think the biggest difference was the the opposing goalies were both very good. The team had a good number of shots at the goal, many well kicked, but the goalies just stoppped everything. Now and then the goalie would have to use just one hand to block but mostly they would catch even very fast kicks that were off to the side.

Field control was a challenge. The other teams definitely did better but Corwin’s team made them work for it. The team also managed to execute on a number of plays they had been working on at practice but they weren’t able to convert. On the other hand, at least a couple of scores were due to clear errors on defense, primarily not covering the far side of the goal during a corner kick.

The referees seemed a bit harsh on the team, with a couple of tripping calls that didn’t seem reasonable to me. That, however, didn’t really make a difference overall.

Another thing I noticed was that both teams did well at breaking up midfield clears. They would frequently get in the way of kicks from midfield so that the ball wouldn’t cross the midline. This was a big help with field control obviously and something Corwin’s team needs to improve.

Overall this is a good showing consider they were (literally) playing out of their league.

Corwin had one big mistake and a number of good clears. He does need to be more persistent when attackers get past him. He tends to fall off rather than pursuing to the bitter end.

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Friday 14 May 2010

Art by Charles

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Thursday 13 May 2010

Scared chickens

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Wednesday 12 May 2010

The season opens

Mom had her first strawberry from her garden today.

Mom has some flowers too.

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Tuesday 11 May 2010

Successful Image

I thought I would note that my photo collection on SmugMug has recently gone over 1 million page views. If only I could have charged just a penny each …

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Coop work

Mom worked hard over the weekend and made some good progress on her chicken coop. On Monday she took the chicks out in the morning and let them spend the day in the bottom of the coop. There is no floor there so they could gamble on the grass while still protected from the outside wild life. Mom tried to get Poly to guard them but Poly lost interest after a bit when she couldn’t lick the chicks. Poly didn’t try to break in to the coop which is a good sign. It’s the children we have to worry about now, especially Corwin.

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Monday 10 May 2010

Terminal decorations

Alice had her fingernails and toenails painted by Grandma over the weekend. I think that’s a first for her. It was a lovely shade of pink and I don’t think they got any nail polish on the furniture or floor. I tried to get Charles to try it out but he did think it was his color.

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Feet of glass

A week or two back Mom cooked up some brownies for some event. She put the leftovers in a pyrex bowl and left it on the kitchen counter. Poly got to them overnight even though they were on the higher part of the counter. Poly managed to smash the bowl in to a very large number of small pieces while also eating all of the brownies. We watched for the rest of the week to see how much broken glass she had also consumed but we didn’t see any evidence of it.

Mom tried to sweep it all up but Poly had made a rather thorough mess. Corwin found a larger piece in the hallway to my office. I found a small piece by the door with my bare foot. Fortunately I notice before I stepped down all the way so there was little bit of it sticking out I could grab. A couple of days later Alice found a piece with her foot as well. It bothered her after a bit so she limped in to my office. That was nothing compared to her concern when I brought out the implements of removal. “You’re going to poke around in my foot with those!” she cried, leaving me at a loss as to what her plan had been. Fortunately I was able to pop it out with only a small amount of digging. Oddly it had not bled very much before that but after removal there was quite a bit more blood. This was less of a problem than the implements of removal because bleeding had a simple and (for Alice) completely effective cure - a bandage! I put one on and everything was OK. Until it fell off. But her foot had stopped bleeding by then and I was able to put her off with an “it healed” explanation.

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Sunday 09 May 2010

Mother's Day

Mom got off to a good start today, with Polynomial barfing in our bedroom and Alice wetting her bed. Just some of the joys of motherhood.

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Saturday 08 May 2010

Soccer report II

Corwin had a coed game today in the afternoon. Unfortunately there was a lot of turnout (I think they had over 20 kids) so Corwin didn’t get much field time. During his brief time in play he did reasonably well. He, as usual, started a bit slow but picked up the pace and actually ran after the ball multiple times. Corwin had some good boots but found the one on ones challenging. He did OK although he could do a bit better on pursuit. Overall though, I think he did well.

The game itself was a tough contest. I am told that the two teams played earlier this year and Corwin’s team was crushed (this was while he was camping). The game was well played on both sides and Corwin’s team had lots of alternate players available (at least once they replaced all but one player on the team in a single substition). The first half was close, although the opposition had a long run of field dominance which eventually yielded a score late in the first half. They scored again just a minute or two later and I thought it was giong to turn in to a rout. But Corwin’s team roared back and scored shortly after that on a very nice drive. All three goals were scored in a less than 3 minute period. Corwin’s team had a surge of energy from this until late in the second half at which point the opposition pushed them back on to mostly defense. Both teams had some very close calls that didn’t quite score until the opponents scored just a minute before the end of the game for a final score of 1-3.

The opposing goalie had a very good kick. She would regularly drop kick out to the midline and the ball would go 30 feet in the air, almost as high as it went far. It was impressive.

There were a number of rallies where the ball would just go back and forth between the midfields on kicks. Both teams had a number of players with long and accurate kicks so the midfield defenses were pretty stiff. Corwin’s team was doing more passing and having some success with it. I suppose the fact that they kept it close until the end rather than being routed like last time shows the improvement.

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Soccer Report I

Charles had a soccer game this morning, his last of this season. It was the coldest morning of the entire season with 20-30 mph winds on top of that. It was 46° when I woke up, it made it up to 50° by the time we left the game.

Despite this 10 of the team showed up so they had an alternate. The other team was the team with Josie and Mason on it. Charles’ team played them early in the season and routed them. Charles was up for this game because, since they beat the previous team both games, winning this gamew would leave them with the best record for their age group. Based on this I thought it would be another romp.

But the opponents played hard. It was an exciting, close right up to the end. The field is sloped and with the very strong wind it made for a big advantage for one team. Charles’ team had the wind and gravity on their side for the first half. Although they were still doing well on coordinated attacks, ironically they scored twice on solo attacks. The environment conditions were a big help with that and field dominance. The other other team simply couldn’t make big kicks back because the wind would catch the ball. I could see it just basically stop in mid air and drop.

After half time the field was switched and the opponents did much better on field control. Still, Charles’ team got more time on the opponent’s side that half than the reverse case the previous half. The opponents maintained a tough defense which withstood those attacks fairly well. I think there was only one or two close calls during the second half, a big contrast with the first. On the other hand, Charles’ team’s goalie was under rather frequent attack. The defense stepped up to the task but eventually one shot got through (another solo run) late in the fourth quarter. This energized both teams (Charles’ to keep their lead, the opponents because now they were within striking distance) resulting in much more back and forth despite the kids being tired. One close call was almost another score from a defender on Charles team trying to kick the ball out of the danger zone but (as he had done in a previous game) he turned and kicked across the goal to the other side and bounced it off the post. A few inches the other way and it would have been an own goal.

Charles played the entire game, alternating between defense and midfield. He had several good runs and did very well on passing at the right tactical moment. He was a big help on the final quarter defense, getting a couple of saves that would otherwise been very likely scores. Quite a good game for him.

Josie had a really great game. He played like the Charles of last season, all over the field, being there for many key plays.

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Mom rules

Mom was playing with the GPS feature on her new phone, driving to Corwin’s recital. It was making voice suggestions about turns which Mom mostly ignored.

Dad: So you’re just going to ignore all its directions?

Mom: Yes.

Alice: Mom does things her way!

Mom, not a slave to modern technology.

P.S. Mom says “because they were stupid directions”.

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Friday 07 May 2010

Group music

Corwin’s school concert band1 had a concert last Tuesday which was the last performance of the group for the year. It was a nice concert, although Charles and Alice did not seem to appreciate it as thoroughly as one might hope. Alice did get to compare fancy sandals2 with another little girl.

Corwin likes his seat because it conceals him behind other kids and their violins, although Corwin did spot me at one point and started trying to actively hide.

See, no trace of Corwin

1 Which is distinct from the concert orchestra (no string instruments) and the string band (no wind instruments).

2 Mom went out shopping with Alice earlier in the week and bought her two pair of girly sandals.

Alice: Look at these new sandals!

Dad: Very nice. Are they for me?

Alice: No!

Dad: Hmmm. I see another pair. Are those for me?

Alice: No! They are both for me!

Dad: So you get two pairs of sandals and I get nothing?

Alice: Yes, because you didn’t go with Mom.

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Thursday 06 May 2010

Phone, home

The big news this week is that Mom got a new phone. It’s an Incredible, an Android based smart phone which was released on her birthday. It took her a couple of days to actually order it because the website was so busy and Mom was too busy to get to a physical store.

The order said it would arrive in a couple of weeks but last Tuesday, there it was. As the FedEx guy handed over the package, it went like this —

Mom: But it wasn’t supposed to be here for another two weeks!

Dad: Don’t say that in front of him [point at FedEx guy]

FedEx Guy: OK, I need to take it back then.

Mom: NO!

Mom got it charged up and tried to get it set up but because she had officially upgraded Corwin’s phone (his being up for a contract renewal) she tried to switch the numbers but didn’t remember Corwin’s. She ended up having to go over to the physical store to get everything working. Now she’s very happy with her new best friend, although I still talk to her occasionally.

I think her biggest problem is going to be the kids as she showed them how to play games on it. Corwin likes that but Alice really likes it and she’s harder to say “no” to.

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Wednesday 05 May 2010

Midweek Soccer

Charles had a game scheduled for last Saturday but too many players had scheduled conflicts so it was rescheduled for Wednesday. It was with the same team they played last Wednesday. The opponents were looking for some payback.

It was a very nice day, a few clouds and a bit cool. It didn’t start out well with the opponents scoring within the first few minutes. Charles’ team rallied back a score later in the quarter and managed to score twice more before the half. Charles’ team was definitely playing better. Everyone was in good form, even Charles was more active. They did a much better job of keeping the offense offensive and supporting the attacks. One of the points was on a run but the other two were the result of team work where the first shot missed but the team had other attacker near by to follow up for the score. Charles played defense and had some very good saves and one on ones. Over all the play was very good and both sides had a number of close calls on scores.

However, I did think the other team seemed a bit off. They definitely were not supporting attacks as well as Charles’ team. One of Charles’ team kicked the opposing goalie in the head in the second quarter, although he seemed to shake it off. The goalie dove for the ball and the attacker followed through on the kick. No penalty was called.

There was a lot of unprovoked slipping and tripping. A couple of kids literally stepped on the ball while executing a charge which brought that attack to an end. Quite a number of other kids simply fell over while trying to make a turn and apparently losing traction. The field didn’t seem that slick to me, or that wet, but it happened a good number of times.

By the end of the third quarter Charles’ team had acquired field dominance and score 3 more goals with the opponents getting another score late in the fourth quarter for a 6-2 victory. I thought the coach should have shuffled the team and taken out the two primary attackers so as to not run up the score. Charles only got to play 2 quarters although some players were in the entire game which indicated that some more substitutions would have been preferred.

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Tuesday 04 May 2010

Just teasing

Mom is starting to the pressure to get the chicken coop done as the chicks are rapidly maturing (Mom says they’re already in the “awkward teenage phase”). The feathers are coming in strong so the heat lamp is becoming less critical. We have had to start keeping the front gate closed now. Before the chicks couldn’t get over it even while open but they can now, with wing assist, jump up on it. They have been reluctant to walk down from there but it’s too risky to trust to that.

In preparation for this Mom took one of the chicks outside. The chick did not much appreciate it, mostly refusing to dismount from Mom’s hand. I think they’re just lulling her in to a false sense of security to use when they’ve got enough wing to survive outside on their own.

Mom is also wanting to move them out so she can set up a feed dispenser which will prevent the chicks from pooping in their food. The kids asked why the chicks would do that and we got to explain the origin of the term “bird brain”.

Mom tried the outdoors again today with two chickens and Corwin as an assistant. The chickens seemed to enjoy it more, possibly because now that they have a smattering of feathers it didn’t seem as cold. But there’s to be no free ranging for Mom’s chickens, they’re all to live in the chicken coop. I don’t know how Mom expects our local fantastic Mr. Fox to eat.

On the other hand, one of the chicks pooped on Corwin, so it wasn’t a total loss. Fortunately Mom had noted to Corwin before this happened that laying down, putting a chick on your chest so that its hind quarters are above your face is not the best plan for avian interaction.

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Monday 03 May 2010

Crop walk

Sunday was the day of the annual 6 mile Crop Walk. Mom, thinking ahead once again, had put Alice in two different dance activities which had pictures scheduled for the same time. She was able to parlay this in to catching up with us with only ⅓ of the walk left to go. On the other hand, it meant I only had Alice for that third which resulted a in minimal amount of whining. As soon as they caught up Alice tried to get in the wagon but Mom forced her to walk instead. We had Josie along to keep Charles company. The two of them did a good job (better than last year) at keeping up as I set a rather stern pace. It did seem to go faster this time, whether because of my pace, better tracking by Charles, or less Alice I am not sure.

We discovered later that we had completely passed by one of the stop along the way. We ended up having a longer stay at the second (and last) stop where there was water and a whole lot of cookies of various sorts. All the boys partook heavily of the offered sustenance. We handed out some Mom-baked chocolate chip cookies which did well even with those other offerings.

I wanted to note that after the walk, I was enjoying some water from my nice aluminum thermos when Charles jumped on me and nearly knocked my front teeth about by bumping in to the thermos. He looked contrite for several seconds before trying to “big blue eye” me in to forgiving him. Then he figured “why bother? I can get away with anything!”.

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Sunday 02 May 2010

Mom has a day out

Mom spent Saturday morning running a half marathon. She had done some training, although this consisted of doing some treadmill work and running 8 miles once, before she “tapered off” in preparation for the actual run. She had to leave the house early to catch the 7:30 start. I tried to get out to see her run by becaues the race course went through the park next to the house but I had to head back before she went by to make Corwin’s soccer game. Therefore I have no pictures of her in the race.

I mentioned this at the game and the other soccer parents commented that I had no evidence that Mom was actually running anything and not luxurating with a blanket and some margaritas. She was going to get home before we did and if she claimed to have showered, how would I know otherwise?

Mom, however, had considered this and cleverly avoided showering so we would know, beyond any doubt, that she had engaged in some serious exercise. We had no choice but to believe her claim to have finished the 13+ miles, with the last two being particularly difficult. Mom is always thinking ahead. Her one real complaint was that a number of people who were walking the race took starting positions near the front so that everyone had to pass them on a narrow course.

I ran in to Erica’s brother in the park at the turn off to our neighborhood. He was watching for their father to run by, who was also doing a half marathon (which he claimed to have finished in a later email).

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Saturday 01 May 2010

Soccer report

Corwin had two soccer games today. The first was a local one and the second away in a nearby town.

The first game was a good one. The other team was playing short but still managed a 1-1 tie with a lot of good play. One thing I noticed is that they did a good job of picking the ball away from Corwin’s team. I think the defense on both teams did great jobs with the offenses possibly a bit lacking. Both goalies made some excellent saves. Corwin’s team did overall somewhat better with field control but definitely not in a dominating way. I did get to see a triple header which was cool. The referee was a bit under the weather. He said that it was his son’s 21st birthday and he had been helping celebrate. The only obvious miss was not calling a hand ball when a player shaking his hand to work off the sting from the impact. The team did manage to pull some nice offsides traps on the other team.

The second game was on a noticeably smaller field. Corwin’s coach wanted to cut back to 9 vs. 9 but the other coach insisted on 11 vs. 11. That made for a very crowded field. It had a definite negative impact on passing as there were so many people that it was unusual to have a clear path for a pass. There was a lot of kicks from ¼ field to the other ¼ quarter field. It made it hard for strategy since basically most of the time any player could put the ball on the other side. For instance the kids couldn’t do the long boot and race for the ball because it wasn’t possibly to boot it down field somewhere that wasn’t close to an opponent.

On the other hand Corwin was markedly more active in the game and I see it make a difference in how many plays in which he played a part.

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