Friday 07 May 2010

Group music

Corwin’s school concert band1 had a concert last Tuesday which was the last performance of the group for the year. It was a nice concert, although Charles and Alice did not seem to appreciate it as thoroughly as one might hope. Alice did get to compare fancy sandals2 with another little girl.

Corwin likes his seat because it conceals him behind other kids and their violins, although Corwin did spot me at one point and started trying to actively hide.

See, no trace of Corwin

1 Which is distinct from the concert orchestra (no string instruments) and the string band (no wind instruments).

2 Mom went out shopping with Alice earlier in the week and bought her two pair of girly sandals.

Alice: Look at these new sandals!

Dad: Very nice. Are they for me?

Alice: No!

Dad: Hmmm. I see another pair. Are those for me?

Alice: No! They are both for me!

Dad: So you get two pairs of sandals and I get nothing?

Alice: Yes, because you didn’t go with Mom.

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