Monday 10 May 2010

Feet of glass

A week or two back Mom cooked up some brownies for some event. She put the leftovers in a pyrex bowl and left it on the kitchen counter. Poly got to them overnight even though they were on the higher part of the counter. Poly managed to smash the bowl in to a very large number of small pieces while also eating all of the brownies. We watched for the rest of the week to see how much broken glass she had also consumed but we didn’t see any evidence of it.

Mom tried to sweep it all up but Poly had made a rather thorough mess. Corwin found a larger piece in the hallway to my office. I found a small piece by the door with my bare foot. Fortunately I notice before I stepped down all the way so there was little bit of it sticking out I could grab. A couple of days later Alice found a piece with her foot as well. It bothered her after a bit so she limped in to my office. That was nothing compared to her concern when I brought out the implements of removal. “You’re going to poke around in my foot with those!” she cried, leaving me at a loss as to what her plan had been. Fortunately I was able to pop it out with only a small amount of digging. Oddly it had not bled very much before that but after removal there was quite a bit more blood. This was less of a problem than the implements of removal because bleeding had a simple and (for Alice) completely effective cure - a bandage! I put one on and everything was OK. Until it fell off. But her foot had stopped bleeding by then and I was able to put her off with an “it healed” explanation.

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