Monday 03 May 2010

Crop walk

Sunday was the day of the annual 6 mile Crop Walk. Mom, thinking ahead once again, had put Alice in two different dance activities which had pictures scheduled for the same time. She was able to parlay this in to catching up with us with only ⅓ of the walk left to go. On the other hand, it meant I only had Alice for that third which resulted a in minimal amount of whining. As soon as they caught up Alice tried to get in the wagon but Mom forced her to walk instead. We had Josie along to keep Charles company. The two of them did a good job (better than last year) at keeping up as I set a rather stern pace. It did seem to go faster this time, whether because of my pace, better tracking by Charles, or less Alice I am not sure.

We discovered later that we had completely passed by one of the stop along the way. We ended up having a longer stay at the second (and last) stop where there was water and a whole lot of cookies of various sorts. All the boys partook heavily of the offered sustenance. We handed out some Mom-baked chocolate chip cookies which did well even with those other offerings.

I wanted to note that after the walk, I was enjoying some water from my nice aluminum thermos when Charles jumped on me and nearly knocked my front teeth about by bumping in to the thermos. He looked contrite for several seconds before trying to “big blue eye” me in to forgiving him. Then he figured “why bother? I can get away with anything!”.

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