Thursday 20 May 2010

Big night

Tonight was the first of two nights of Alice’s dance performance. Mom was scheduled for “volunteer” work therefore I was tasked with taking Alice and keeping track of her between numbers. Corwin and Charles we had planned to leave home because we have finally given up on forcing them to attend.

Charles had cello lessons right after school with Mom, who then rushed home so she could do Alice’s hair then rush off to be at the stage by 4:30. Around 4:15 Mom arrives in a frantic hurry and starts working on Alice. I am trying to get things together so that I can follow with Alice to get to the stage by 5:30. It is at this point that Corwin says “oh, by the way, I have a string orchestra concert tonight at 7:00”. I had the mistaken impression, based on comments during the event, that the previous concert had been his final performance for the school year. Not so, apparently. So we were a bit frantic.

As it ended up, I called Ema’s family because she was also in the string orchestra and I thought it would be suitable discincentive for Corwin to have to spend time with a girl as a result of his failure to keep us informed. Ema’s family was willing to put up with him. I had hoped to drop him off before going to the stage but we delayed. I had to drop Alice off, drive back to Ema’s house, then drive back to the stage. I also had to have inferno girl on my lap because we didn’t have a seat for Charles (as we had thought he would be at home). I had to leave for the third act to pick up Corwin and then drop him and Charles off at home, returning just in time to see the exit for Alice’s second number when I could take her back in to the audience to watch the rest of the show.

After the finale, I took Alice away while Mom finished up her tasks. Alice wasn’t happy that she didn’t get flowers after the performance. A few of the kids did, but Mom and I think it should wait for the final performance.

Alice did mostly well, although she definitely needs to pick up her acrobatics skills. She looked very cute in both her outfits and I had much fun changing her between acts. At least I didn’t have to work on her hair.

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