Friday 02 April 2010

Working in St. Louis

Last Sunday, I went to St. Louis for a church service trip. There were six of us. Our youth leader Jason, my mom, three girls, and me. We left around one from our church, and we arrived around four. My mom drove me there in our car. So I couldn’t watch a movie. Instead, I listened to the BBC radio series: The Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy.

When we finally got to St. Louis we were told that we had to go south and look for the road Belmont. Both of those pieces of information were wrong. We were supposed to go north and look for Delmar. The place we were staying at was the 3rd floor of a church. There was nobody else in the church while we were there. There was also a huge kitchen with an industrial size dish washer. For beds, we got air mattresses. There were about ten per person. The church also had a lot of board games and a pool table, so we weren’t bored.

Since this was a service trip we were working. Our first job was helping out at a senior center called five star. We helped deliver food and interacted(i.e. playing cards) with the seniors. We did this on Monday morning and Wednesday morning. We also helped out at the Christian Activity Center(CAC)in East St. Louis. The CAC is an after school activity for kids of all ages. They had a gym, a playground, a library/study hall, a computer lab, vending machines, and Foosball tables. There were a hundred or more kids there. I worked in the library/study hall and helped kids learn how to borrow. Sadly, they all still used there fingers to add or subtract numbers, so I had to lend some fingers. We did this on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. We also did yard work at a women shelter.

We also checked some tourist spots such as the Arch,the St. Louis Basilica, and the Union Station. The Arch was neat, especially the elevators. They were small, slow, and rickety. The view was great though. The Basilica was HUGE. Almost all the walls were covered in mosaics and it was neat. We had dinner at Union Station on Wednesday and it was delicious we also went shopping. We spent along time at one shop. It sold airsoft guns, blowguns, swords, knives, and more. It was run by a person named Victor. He knew some bible questions that stumped Jason. He really liked to talk about Jesus. He had a big wooden stick for people who didn’t want to talk about Jesus. After Victor we headed for home around 8 p.m. We got back around 10 pm.

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It sounds as if you had a good trip with just the right mix of work and play. Glad it was a good experience for you.

Posted by: Karen on 05 April 2010 at 11:28
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