Saturday 03 April 2010

The ear ache of canceled games

It was supposed to have been the start of the soccer season today but it rained on and off over night and was still raining when it was time for the game to start. All of the games ended up being canceled even though about the time Corwin’s game would have been going the sun broke through the clouds.

I am not sure how well it would have gone for Charles. He woke up kind of grumpy and mewled on the way over to the field as we checked for other players. He claimed his ear was very sore so instead of a game I took him to a clinic which diagnosed him as having an ear infection. Mom claims this is a first for our family. They prescribed anti-biotics which I was able to get in apple flavor, although Charles couldn’t tell. He just said that as long as it tasted sweet it was OK. Meanwhile we’re giving him cherry and grape flavored ibuprofen suspension for the pain.

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