Saturday 24 April 2010

Soccer Report

Despite the rains, both Charles and Corwin had a soccer game on Saturday.

Charles’ game was first. Charles was much more energitic than I have seen him in previous games this year. He had one good solo drive which almost scored, although his final kick was lacking a little something in speed when it reached the goal.

The first three quarters were quite good. There was a lot of good soccer and back and forths, even some passing. Charles’ team was a bit laid back on offense with some good solo runs but without much follow up by the other players. There was rarely more than the kid with the ball in the opposing goal box. Despite that they held on well. The opponents scored first but Charles’ team got the next two points, and then the opponents scored again after quite a number of shots and drives. Both teams bounced a shot off the supporting post at least once. However, the tide started to turn against Charles’ team after a couple of penalty kicks. One was for a slide kick and the other, I am not quite sure. It looked like a normal, if severe, collision between several players running for the ball. But it was called as a free kick which lead to a score. On the other penalty, the goalie blocked it but some of the players had entered the box too early so it was done again, this time for a score. Charles’ team rallied back for another score but the two penalty goals were the margin for a 3-5 loss.

The coach was unhappy with the first (sliding) call and very unhappy with the second one. He ended up sending an email the next day requesting a different referee for future games, which is a bit odd because that referee is the one that Corwin’s team likes best. I did think he was a bit tougher on Charles’ team than the other during the game but the only call I thought questionable was the collision one. The only part I found really distressing was that Charles was the goalie for the last three points, one penalty and two regular scores. I think he was quite tired by then and wasn’t reacting as quickly as one might like to attacks. He seemed completely unperturbed so I decided to not worry about it. I think the whole team was wearing down. But they pressed on as best they could even as the game was finishing up.

Overall it was a good game with some good moves by the kids. They did make some good passes, the defense was tough, and Charles was much more in the game. The one big issue was one of Charles’ teammates was taken out of the game with an injured knee. The coach thought he might have torn his meniscus but we found out later that he had just twisted his knee joint a bit (which isn’t fun but far more recoverable).

We were almost late for Corwin’s game, even though it was in the same set of fields. Corwin and Levi were hanging out because their parents and siblings were at Charles’ game and lost track of time. They didn’t head out for the other field until the official start time of the game. Luckily everyone else was running late so it wasn’t a problem.

It was an interesting game as well. Both offenses were active but I think Corwin’s team was definitely doing better at keeping pressure on the opponents’ goal. There were a lot of good drives in both directions with lots of fancy passing (sometimes too fancy, IFYKWIMAITYD). Corwin was about average for him. Not as much running as he should, but a lot of good kicks. Not quite as long as usual but with (I think) better placement. Corwin was very happy about being part of a direct goal chain. He started with a good return across midfield to another player, who drove in a bit then passed to an attacker near the goal who popped it in. All without the opponents getting a foot on the ball, so I think it’s reasonable for Corwin to count himself as part of it.

I felt a bit sorry for the coach’s older son. He has a strong tendency to not take shots at the goal despite being a very forward forward (IFYKWIMAITYD). This game, however, he took two excellent shots that were stopped only by superior goalie skill. They were everything you’d want in a shot - fast, accurate, and sudden. But the opposing goalie was quite good and mananged to deflect them.

There was a moderate amount of headers, but only two double headers that I saw. I thought the offense was well done, with lots of people forward without getting any offsides. The defense was a bit disorganized although they did manage an offsides against the opponents. The kicking was excellent, with good distance and placement, and very little crossing in front of the goal (something that plagues Charles’ team). The end result was a 2-0 win, both goals hard won.

One issue was that the referee decided Corwin’s shirt was too old and not yellow enough to work. He was forced to put on an orange goalie jersey which frankly I thought made the situation worse, not better. Apparently, though, we’ll have to get him a new shirt for the next game.

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In defense of Corwin’s shirt, it was faded yellow when we bought it from the park district three years ago. Charles inherited Corwin’s old shirt (which is still quite vibrant) and Corwin got a new bigger one.

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