Saturday 17 April 2010

Soccer Report

Charles and Corwin had soccer games today. Corwin was scheduled for a double header so I decided I would watch Charles’ game in the morning and catch Corwin’s second game. Unfortunately Corwin’s team was over staffed for the second game so I didn’t see any Corwin soccer.

I had a confusing morning, for some reason thinking that the game was at 9 so I took Charles over at 8:40 and was upset that the coach, who told us to be there 20 minutes early, wasn’t around. Of course, the game was actually at 10:10, as I realized shortly after arriving, so Charles and I popped back home for a bit of rest before coming back.

Charles’ team this year has a couple of really good kids who dominate the game. Charles himself, for some reason, just isn’t display the energy or drive he has in past seasons. I actually some difficulty getting a good Charles action shot, as opposed to my normal problem of having far too many. Charles only mixed it up at the opposing goal once and didn’t really have any strong drives. Charles did manage to do reasonably well while defending, with a good number of clears, which turned out to be mostly futile because the offense at that time was hanging back. Charles’ kicks would just be returned by the other team because Charles’ kicks landed further out than any of his teammates were positioned.

Charles made some good passes, unlike many of his teammates. The coach commented after the game that it went generally well, but there needed to be more passing and less holding on to the ball until overwhelmed.

Before that, and afterwards, it was a different story because the dominant kids were leading the offense. During those times the ball stayed almost entirely on the other side. I think the final score was 5-0.

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