Monday 05 April 2010

Park Snippets


Dad: I thought I went to bed early last night but I’m so tired.

Alice: Maybe you’re just a tired old man.

[afternoon in the park]

Mom: You should get up and play soccer with Charles.

Dad: I’m too tired.

Alice: Like you are every day!

I will note that I was the soccer goal, a point being scored if the ball hit me.

While we were walking back from the park we walked by the beaver dam. The park district had put a large (12 inch diameter) pipe through the dam leading out to a stand pipe. While we were there there was enough water that it was pouring out the top of the stand pipe. We’re not sure what the point is, although I think it’s either to reduce the flooding of the main park by keeping the water level lower, or to drive the beavers out by preventing them from keep the water level up where they like it. Some of the tree the beavers have knocked over were large, 18 inch diameter or more. I have no idea what the beavers thought they would do with these trees once they were down, there is no way a set of beavers could actually move them.

Near the end, we walked by the naked lady statute Charles announced “I know what to do!” and, as I predicted to Mom, he ran up to the statues and bounced the soccer ball off her butt. It’s good to have a boy who knows what to do in such stressful situations.

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