Friday 16 April 2010

Scream and the world comes to you

Alice has a rather interesting technique for locating a parent when she needs one. She starts by calling out (“Mom!”), gradually getting louder. If seriously pressed, she might wander around a room or two, increasing volume all the while. Eventually, should Mom for instance not actually be home or be outside, Alice will eventually run out of volume and collapse in tears. Actually looking around the house for the parent of desire just doesn’t occur to her, even if mentioned. Let me also note that the delay because successive louder calls is approximately one second, leading to a roughly 50% duty cycle for the Alice voice. This means that if Mom is upstairs, or busy with something that cannot be instantaneously put aside, we get to experience most of the Alice volume ramp up.

I do find it interesting that Alice will melt down in to a despairing puddle before deciding to switch from “Mom” to “Dad”.

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