Tuesday 06 April 2010

Playing house

As I mentioned some time before, Charles has been teaching Alice to play Battlefield 2. One price of this is that Alice makes Charles play house. They play the game with no opponents because Charles likes driving around and exploring the maps. Alice makes him find a “house” (usually a guard tower of some sort, with a door and some windows) and then set up a little house hold in it. Alice talks about how she will decorate things, and then sends Charles off to his “job” in one of the vehicles. This lets Charles drive around as his “work” while Alice ponders draperies.

Still, Alice does like to go out and do some shooting with Charles now and then. She particularly likes the little puffs of smoke grenades make when they go off. I don’t think, however, that Charles’ dream of having his little sister be his helicopter gunner has worked out.

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