Sunday 11 April 2010

Out of the wilderness

Corwin and I left Friday evening for the camping expedition. There were 15 boys for the trip, which seems like a large number to me for the troop. We were scheduled to leave the gathering location at 5:30 but didn’t get on the road until 6:30. The scout master indicated that perhaps the troop would try something a bit different next time to create a more expeditious departure.

We arrived at the campsite around 8. It was still light but starting to fade. We rapidly set up tents and tried to get supper started. One of the adults was too busy helping to get his tent up before dark and decided that it was nice enough to just sleep under the stars. I thought it a bit brisk overnight but he survived without permanent injury.

The outing was mostly unstructured, as the primary goal was to just rack up some camping time for various advancement requirements. The boys spent a lot of time fishing, as the campsite was on a little peninsula in a small lake (a big pond, really). Unfortunately (for the adults) there had been a problem with the pipes and there was no running water at all. We had to bring it in ourselves in big containers.

Most of the boys went off on a hike Saturday for some orienteering, but I was left behind with the lazy boys who refused to go out on the trail. They were required to fix and cleanup lunch, which they mostly did, even if we had to track them down after lunch for KP.

Next to fishing, chopping wood for the fire was the second favorite activity. I spent some time at it myself, but primarily went out to find decent sized trees suitable for the scouts. They did some training for it so that younger scouts could get a card authorizing them to chop. The boys were mostly good, although they’d get a little wild now and then. They chopped a lot of wood, I was impressed. We had to stop them from working on in to the night, as darkness didn’t dampen their enthusiasm.

The last morning required the boys to clean up the campsite, which was not as popular as other activities. There was a lot of whining about “I already got my stuff”. I took to responding to any inquiries about our departure time with “we’re leaving as a group, so no one is leaving until everything is cleaned up”. Getting the equivalent response from the other adults eventually generated some grudging willingness to contribute and we were able to depart.

What Corwin did while camping (note left hand)

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