Saturday 10 April 2010

Mom's free day

Freed from the need to take care of her husband and oldest child, Mom had an excellent time wihle Corwin and I were off camping.

Charles had a soccer game in the morning, which his team won. Charles himself didn’t play so well, not showing a lot of energy during the game. Mom claimed that near the end, the coach took him out because he spent a very loong time, during play, trying to tie his shoe without success. It was still off by the time the coach gave up and pulled him.

Corwin missed a double header for his team, which they split with one win, one loss.

After that Mom resumed work on her chicken coup and made quite a lot of progress. She got the framework built and started working on installing the nest boxes and various doors. She is still a bit up in the air about how to handle winter but she’ll freeze those chickens when she comes to them.

Alice, meanwhile, has resumed her cruising in the Barbie car while the weather is nice.

The three of them went out for books, and nice dinners, living a vibrant carefree life while Corwin and I struggled for survival in the wilderness.

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