Wednesday 28 April 2010

Mid-week soccer

Charles had a soccer game this evening instead of practice. It was a rescheduling of his first game, which was rained out.

It was a lovely day, just a little cool and a couple of clouds in the sky. The game was at 5:30 and despite this I had to force the boys along to get there on time. However, it was such a nice day that Mom came along with us so it was an entire family outing.

When I checked on the roster of the other team I thought Charles’ team was doomed. Ema’s younger brother was one of them along with several other kids I remember from previous seasons who are quite good.

However, the game started off not too badly. The other team scored a goal early on, which was scary, but Charles’ team actually did better at field control. The opposing score was on a hard run by just a couple of players. The field dominance of Charles’ team eventually ground through the opposing defense for two scores by half time. However those defenses were very stiff — the goalie in particular made a number of excellent saves throughout the half. The opponents managed to make runs over to Charles’ goal but these were generally turned back fairly quickly. They did take a few good shots but the odds favored Charles’ team. Things were fluid enough that it could easily gone the other way. There was a lot of excellent soccer, even some good passing.

The second half was also very good, kind of an inverse of the first half. The opponents came back energized (or Charles’ team started wearing out) and maintained more control over the field. It was only through desperate defense, excellent goalie saves, and a good dash of luck that the opponents didn’t score. The defense was very stiff and near the end started just kicking the ball out of bounds as fast as they could to burn time (I couldn’t find out from Charles if this was a coach inspired strategy).

Charles’ team scored one goal during that time on a single player run just to have a more complete turn about. This left the final score 3-1, although it was a game that could easily have been 1-3 with if a few breaks had gone the other way. It was a well played game and exciting right to the end.

Charles had part of a good game. He played the first quarter then was taken out for the second. While he was playing he was energetic and moved around on the field quite a bit, although the coach did yell at him for being out of position. Charles was sidelined for the second quarter and sent back in for the third. He was not nearly as active and told me he was “tired” although he had only played a single quarter. About half way through he took a hard ball to the forehead and had to be pulled out of the game. He didn’t recover until after the game when we walked over to Corwin’s practice and there was a tree he wanted to climb. All of his head ache and dizziness evaporated to that arboreal tonic and he was good to go.

I want to note that Levi’s younger brother Calvin had an truly awesome game. He was all over the field, pushing the offense and providing key support for the defense. He played all four quarters and played full out the whole time.

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