Sunday 04 April 2010


Corwin and I had to get up early today because it was Easter and we were supposed to help out with the Easter breakfast at the church. I ended up just taking picture because they had more than sufficient crew of pancake flippers. Corwin did some flipping and then had to leave because he was the acolyte.

After services there was an Easter egg hunt in the church. This time they segregated the children by age before letting them go. It was so fast I barely had time to get any pictures — they should have talked about the plague of locusts before hand.

We went home for our own egg hunt, using eggs that Corwin had boiled and Mom and Alice had colored (in super vibrant colors!). Mom locked Polynomial inside because she figured Poly would find (and eat) the eggs faster than the children.

Grandma and Grandpa Virgil had some down so they were able to eat Easter dinner with us. After that we mostly just lazed around the house, because I at least had eaten until I was full. Mom did make us take a walk in the park to work off a bit of the calories in the late afternoon, and because the weather was astonishingly nice.

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