Monday 12 April 2010


Today was Corwin’s big tooth removal day. Mom took him in to the oral surgeon this morning. It was considered serious enough that Corwin was given general anathesia for the procedure. Originally he had been scheduled to have six teeth pulled but three had fallen out or otherwise disappeared by this morning. Two we knew about but we’re not quite sure when the other one came out. Corwin was only able to claim one for payment, so we made out well in the savings department with two teeth completely free. Yay us and Corwin’s forgetfulness!

Corwin came home with a little box of his teeth. I suggested making a necklace or charm bracelet out of them but Corwin didn’t seem up for crafts. He was mostly incoherent when he came home mid morning but by evening was recovered enough to play video games and practice his violin. He also went light on the pain medication so we’ll be sending him back in to school tomorrow. His primary problem is just eating because he’s decided he doesn’t like most of the soft foods he would normally eat (oatmeal, yogurt — this from the kid who used to empty entire boxes of Gogurt).

Tomorrow it’s Charles’ turn with the orthodontist.

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