Monday 19 April 2010


Yesterday Mom finally gave in to her chicken obsession. She took Corwin out (Charles and Alice had prior engagements and Mom was unwilling to wait) to a store in a nearby town to get some chicks. She had been checking out various locations for such purchases but her original preferred source would only set in sets of 25. This was obtensibly to discourage people from buying chicks for Easter and then disposing of them afterwards. Mom pointing out it was now well past Easter had no effect. But Mom did finally find a place that would sell chicks retail, althought they did talk her up from 4 chicks to 5.

Although the chicken coop is not quite done yet it is not yet a problem as the chicks have to be housed in a different setup to keep them warm while they are waiting for their feathers to come in. Mom repurposed her original guinea pig cage into a chick warmer by putting a heat lamp in the top. This ended up requiring some ingenuity to get the lamp at the optimal height for optimal temperature (as the chicks can’t be too cold or too hot). This does, however, put Mom on the clock to finish the coop. I think she has several weeks yet but that kind of time goes by quickly around these parts.

The kids like the chicks although they’re too delicate for Charles or Alice to actually hold. Corwin has been enjoying his permission to pick up a chick, although the big win for him so far is “none of the chicks have pooped on me!”. I am waiting for a flying chick the first time his luck runs out. Polynomial is fascinated by the chicks, or at least she is when any human is paying attention to them. She will jump up on the person or the table to get a look / sniff / lick. We let her do that with the guinea pigs because, short of actually biting them, it wasn’t going to cause damage. With the chicks, a hard nose jab or even knocking them out of hand would not turn out well. So poor Poly has been left completely unsatisfied, even less than Charles and Alice.

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Watch out for Poly or you’ll end up with The Great Chicken Massacre. I’ve seen it and it’s ugly.….

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