Thursday 25 March 2010


Mom and Corwin made it back from their trip late last night. I am sure Mom and Corwin are working hard on a long and detailed description of the trip so I won’t steal her thunder.

Corwin’s big news is that he ate massive amounts of candy and got a blow gun. It has a variety of sharp pointy darts. Corwin demonstrated these for me by shooting them in to the wallpaper map on the wall in the basement. He was crestfallen when I reacted with distress instead of awe. But apparently the reason for that didn’t sink in as Mom reports that Corwin demonstrated it for Jack’s mom by shooting in to the wall near the front door. At least he didn’t shoot Jack’s mom.

Mom seemed quite upbeat after the experience, although that might have been the massive Starbucks fueled alertness of the long drive back.

P.S. Remember to bug Mom via e-mail or Facebook to write up her adventure!

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