Sunday 07 March 2010

Pinewood Derby

Today was Pinewood Derby Day. We didn’t start on Charles’ car until last Monday, when we put a coat of primer on the block. The real work started on Thursday, which was doable only because Charles had picked to such a simple design. I did indulge myself a bit by fiberglassing the wheels on to the car. That turned out nicely.

The race itself was very long. There were 18 cars which is more than I have seen at the event since Corwin’s first one. We went ahead and did a round robin which was 153 races, each of which was two runs. I was nominated to handle the race organization. I shouted myself almost hoarse about 15 minutes in to a 3 hour set of races. Fortunately one of the other dads helped out so I was able to remain vocal until the end.

Charles’ car did good but not great. Interestingly the top car didn’t dominate, winning 12 of 17 races, while Charles won 9, along with 3 or 4 other cars, which wasn’t good enough to place but was a decent showing. I think Charles had a good time although I think he regretted not putting more work in the car as the day wore on. Perhaps we’ll get started earlier next year.

Charles is car #8

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