Saturday 06 March 2010

ISAT a lot

My mom is making me write this even though I had ISAT testing last week. You’d think I would get a break after all that testing, but nooooo.

I can’t really write much about the ISATs except that they were really boring and hard. However during ISAT week I got no homework! In social studies, we worked on flash cards for a constitution test. In science we got to watch a Simspon’s episode and part of the Jetson movie. We didn’t have most of our electives that week, including strings so I didn’t have to bring my violin to school most of that week. That’s pretty much all I can say about my ISAT week.

On Saturday I went to a merit badge seminar at Holy Cross school. I was working on a chemistry merit badge, a dog care merit badge, and a photography merit badge. I had to wake up at six to get there. The flag ceremony was around 7:30 and lasted around ten minutes. My first class, chemistry started at eight, but the U of I students who were supposed to teach us were late. When they got there, the class was okay, and I should have most of the requirments done.

My next class was Dog Care. The teacher, an animal cruelty investigator, mainly talked about how dogs evolved and the types of dogs for the first hour. Then we had a break to walk around and meet Sport, the dog the teacher brought (more on the dog later). After the break the teacher talked about how to take care of a dog and the ailments of dogs. The teacher also talked about some abused dogs. One dog was owned by a mentally disadvantaged woman who had no job. The woman said that she fed her dog treats and table scraps. The dog wasn’t groomed and about a foot and half wide. The dog was about three feet from head to tail and weighed 50 pounds(Poly weighs 50 pounds). The teacher took the dog away, and sent him to the animal shelter where the dog got got fit again. The dog weighs 18 pounds now, and the dog’s name is Sport (does that ring a bell?).

After Dog Care was lunch, then photography. My dad said said that if I get the photography merit badge I get to keep his old D70 camera. Charles was enthused. The class lasted about four hours, and I learned about the camera, the rule of thirds, how to take a good picture, and probably more stuff, but I forget. I passed the final test so I guess I got the merit badge. Charles is so happy.

Charles had a pinewood derby today, but I didn’t go because I’m writing this. Oh well.

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