Tuesday 30 March 2010

If only they were as easy to upgrade

As you might know, I have been working over the last couple of months to get the kids’ computers upgraded, putatively to provide them a better computer experience but really so that I have less hassle with keeping them running. Alice’s old computer was turned in to a test machine for Mom, Charles’ is now Vidiot, our media center computer. I upgraded and reduced, so Alice and Charles got my hand me downs.

Corwin has been resisting the upgrade but while he was out of town I took action and converted him to Windows 7, because he was the only hold out except for Mom (who mostly runs Linux anyway).

This makes a lot of things easier, including networking and personalization. Now the kids can have their own logons on each system which makes adjucating games and what not much easier. I have also removed administrative privileges and installed anti-virus software so we can be safe(r). They also all have bigger (at least 500G, compared to 160G) hard drives which means Corwin won’t whine about problems installing games because there is no storage left. For a while, at least. It will do him good to have all the old games cleared out and see which ones are worth re-installing.

I was planning to surprise Corwin with the upgrade but Charles ratted me out within minutes of Corwin’s return.

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