Thursday 11 March 2010

Financial affection

After Charles stated his preference for splinters over Mom smoochies Mom was a bit put out. Later, at dinner, Charles offered to give Mom a hug for a small fee (originally $5000 but reduced to $5 when sales were not as good as expected). Somehow this didn’t make Mom feel any better (or maybe she just didn’t have the $5 at hand).

It didn’t get much better for Mom later. She, Alice, and I were sitting on the couch and I was trying to get at Alice’s grapey toes. Alice claimed “they’re not ripe!” even though she had told me that they would be “ripe tomorrow” the previous day. I decided that perhaps I should try something different, so I offered Alice $5 for permission to go after Mom’s toes. Alice immediately agreed and I handed her a $5 bill out of my pocket. She was so happy! (Mom, not so much). Alice spent the rest of the evening either clutching the money or carefully putting it in her pocket (then pulling it back out later). Mom figured that she’d win in the end, when Alice left the money in the pocket and Mom collected it while doing laundry, but Alice fell asleep with it in her hand which left it on the couch for me to find. So I got Mom’s toes and kept my $5! Dad rulez.

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