Tuesday 09 March 2010

Family talk

Alice had quite a bit of potty trouble (containment failures just short of the toilet) over the weekend. We had to clean the bathroom floor a couple of times a day from Alice’s accidents. i found it very odd that it would just be in the bathroom but never earlier than that. More annoying was when Alice wouldn’t mention it to us afterwards, until someone stepping in it.

On Monday Mom took her in to the doctor because of that and because she had some blood in her urine. The doctor said Alice has a urinary tract infection. The doctor gave Mom some anti-biotics for Alice and told us to send her back to school the next day. So far Alice hasn’t had a failure at school.

At least the kids are open with each other. On Tuesday I heard Charles and Alice talking as they arrived home about urinary tract infections and “pink pee”. I distracted them with other conversational gambits when Alice started to tell Charles about other bodily emissions. It’s good for siblings to share but perhaps not quite that much.

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