Monday 15 March 2010

Family pricing

As part of Charles’ current mercenary attitude, he and Corwin got in to an argument at dinner about who should pay who for hugs. It rapidly escalated with various discount offers and rephrasing until Charles had to stop, having completely lost track of the offers on the table. When he asked Corwin it turned out Corwin had become completely confused as well.

I got them back when Charles asked for a glass of chocolate milk and I told him it would cost $5. I noted that his offer of $5 / hug for Mom was still operative, so he could sell Mom a hug and get enough to get a beverage. Charles’ responded by trying to rephrase the terms so he could get the drink without the hug (and in some cases, pocket $5 on top of that) but I wasn’t Corwin so Charles eventually had to give in and hug Mom. She snagged a smoochie without any additional charge. I view it as teaching Charles the advantage of double teaming for getting a better deal.

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