Thursday 04 March 2010


I was helping Charles to work on his Pinewood Derby car and inquired as to what design he was thinking of. He wanted a plain white rectilinear solid with black spots and a smiley face on front, to look like Mr. Cowie. Not a particularly challenging project and I sked Charles about that. He replied that he wanted something simple so he didn’t have to work on it much.

Dad: Don’t you want to have a nice car?

Charles: Not if it’s a lot of work.

Dad: You don’t want to accomplish something with your car?

Charles: I do accomplish things. Simple things, which are easy.

Dad: That’s not much of an accomplishment, if something’s easy.

Charles: That how I like it.

Dad: You’re not going to do very well in life if you don’t try to accomplish stuff. How will you get by?

Charles: My big blue eyes.

Dad: You plan to marry some rich girl and have her keep you like a pet?

Charles: Yes. But not one that likes me.

Dad: Why not?

Charles: She might try to hug me and stuff.

Dad: Well, I am just not seeing why she would keep you around in the first place if she doesn’t like you very much.

Charles: Big blue eyes.

Dad: I think you might want to work on a Plan B.

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