Friday 26 February 2010

Week of Music

Last week was busy for me. It was a week-o-music. I had four different music concerts and contests. I had the solo-ensemble contest, the strings concert, the concert orchestra concert, and the concert orchestra contest.

I had to practice my solo-ensemble piece for a couple weeks, and I had to practice even harder with my accompanist. I got to practice with her four times. I was supposed to only practice with her three times, but I got an extra practice because my piece was so hard. The concert was in Bloomington. My mom drove me there along with my accompanist. We got there around noon and had lunch. I had to play my song right after lunch. After I played, I had to wait till two because we had to take my accompanist home. My song got a one.

Next, I had a string festival. This was for my school group. There were also a group of fifth graders, a high school orchestra, a group of sixth graders, and a chamber orchestra group. My group played Allegro in D and Fantasia Espanola. The concert was so big, it had to be held in the gym. The concert lasted till around 8:30.

A few days later, I had a concert orchestra concert. We played Shaker Variants, Irish Party in Third Class, and Russian Sailor’s Dance. There was also concert band and 8th grade chorus. The concert lasted till around eight. There was also a contest on friday. It was for concert orchestra. Our group only played for a little, and since I didn’t have a book, and couldn’t eat because my teeth hurt like heck, I was bored.

That was my week-o-music, and now I get to look forwaard to a week-o-ISATs. Yay?

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