Friday 12 February 2010

The younger perspective on skiing

Last Saturday, my family and I went to visit my grandparents and to go skiing. We left to go to my grandparents around noon. On the way, I watched some DVDs and messed with my dad’s new Ipod touch. Charles felt really sick and laid on the couch the first night. I watched T.V. and also messed with some LEGOs. Since Charles had the couch I had to sleep with Alice. I also had the choice of sleeping on some cushions with a blanket. I chose the cushions.

In the morning, Charles felt much better and kinda wanted to ski, but Alice did not want to ski at all. So she stayed at my Grandparents the whole day. The rest of us went to SnowStar ski resort. It took us about half an hour to get all our stuff, but we did get on the slopes eventually. We first did some bunny slopes for Charles, but soon my mom and I went on a blue a couple times. We then went on a terrain slope with some hills. I didn’t jump on the hills, but I did go over them. My mom crashed and burned though. She got snow in her pants! Then we went to lunch. I got burnt pizza that was surprisingly good, a pretzel with cheese, and water. After lunch, Charles went with on a blue with us. He crashed a couple times and ran into a person, but made it down. Charles got better until he was a blur on the slopes (he kept his skis straight and didn’t trie to slow down). Charles gradually got discouraged enough to stop wanting to ski. So the rest of us went on a couple more slopes then packed up.

We went to my grandparents to spend the night and I got the couch! On the way back, I mainly read or messed with my dad’s Ipod. When we got back, I had to work on a lot of homework, but the ski trip was worth it.

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